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Antioxidant Alkaline Water in the Comfort of Your Home


You don't need to constantly be going out to replenish your antioxidant alkaline water supply. You only have to go to the kitchen faucet! Get a whole house water filtration system installed in your home by Water Tree of Northwest Arkansas, and enjoy a special rate along with a one-year labor WARRANTY.

Other options include purifying water bottles and purifying water pitchers.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Water Purifiers

  • Counter units

  • Under the counter units

  • Whole house filtration system

  • Power Stix (good for 250 uses) (9 - 12 months)

  • Pitchers

  • Showerheads

You can also go for portable options of the apparatus, available at special pricing.



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Whole House System

This standard house system includes large tornado, three sediment filters and one housing or canister, and one sediment self-flush filter.

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Reverse Osmosis Ceramic Conversion System

It will increase your water pH to a range of 9-9.5, decrease the ORP range to -350 to -400, add up to 100% more oxygen to your water, and create micro-cluster water molecules. 

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